Is he interested or not?

Ok so I met a guy about a year ago and we chatted and agreed on a date after he got back from a 3 week trip.
During those 3 weeks I met someone else and we started dating.
He contacted me when he got back and I was honest; I don't date more person at once and I wanted to get to know the other guy who I ended up being in a realtionship with for a while.
We agreed to be friends but really only commented/liked eachothers instagram posts occassionally. He was really respectful.
About a month ago he messages me and we start chatting again. Both are single now.
He asks me out and we go on a great really well thought out date.
He asks for another one the next night straight after but I have an early morning at work the next day so I let him know telling him i'm interested in seeing him again soon though. He agrees happily.
Anyway we start messaging again. Both of us have full on careers, he's expanding his business and I work full time and am starting up my own side business so our text messages are long but usually only answered at night when we both get home and have free time.
I mention a few places I've travelled and would like to go again and one of which he says he loves and would happily go with me if it ever eventuates. He also mentioned his work is full on atm and he's a little stressed and keeps taking his work home but can hopefully take a full day off in a fortnight. He also asked if I'd like to to an exhibition "really soon". Which I agreed to.
The thing is it's been about 5 days and he hasn't responded to my last text and we haven't got a set next date. He's liked a few of my instagram posts durng this time though. He seems interested, he let it slip that his mum and sister who he's close to know about me and like the sounds of me but the lack of response is confusing.

What do you guys think, is he interested and just busy or just stringing me along?


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  • It's been too long for him to be interested


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