When they say you're beautiful but you still end up being single. What gives?

I am beginning to question my own self worth. Growing up, I've always been overshadowed by my two beautiful older sisters. I've witnessed guys fight for their attention, cry over them and serenade them in front of our house.

I was the potato of the family back in the day. But their relationships, the idea that love can make you do crazy shit scared me to the point of being terrified of having a relationship.

Now I've moved far away from my sisters for college and I don't feel as overshadowed as I used to be nor am I scared anymore. I began to fix myself, be a little more like my sisters appearance-wise with a streak of my childishness still there.

Even though I get compliments now, being told of how beautiful I am, having guys catcall me, I have never been asked out. I began to get insecure and conscious because the potato-me was still there inside me.

Am I just not good enough to be asked out? What is considered 'good enough'?


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  • :( I'm sorry you still feel like a potato. I think maybe guys can't tell you're interested in being asked out. maybe you somehow give off the impression you aren't interested or maybe they assume you're already taken.

    • Maybe. It's the most reasonable posiblity, now that I think about it. But I generally don't do anything, so I don't know why I'll appear as so. Thanks for the opinion anyways.

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  • That's the million dollar question, now, isn't it? I ask myself the same thing every day. Even with my sister in a committed, soon-to-be married relationship, I still feel overshadowed and like guys are constantly comparing how I look to how she looks.

    I don't really have an answer as to what makes someone "good enough", because I haven't figured it out myself.

    • It feels as if I'm still strapped in their shadow. It feels frustrating, doesn't it? Sighs.

  • you need to wait it out. It will happen, just let nature take its turn

  • Nah, happens to me too. You're good.


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