Is she leading me on?

I recently confessed to my friend that I liked her and she said she wanted to be in a relationship with me but she doesn't want to "ruin" me because our experience difference. She said she was dating around but was tired of it so but deicded to see where this goes. Basically it was a good reaction.

The last guy she went on a date with kissed her and she found out that was his first kiss and she freaked out when he told her she was into her. Basically he is me but we're already really close and have feelings for each other. However, 2 nights after my confession I noticed he stayed the night at her place (We're neighbors) and she found every excuse to hide that from me. Apparently this was also the 2nd time (my friend saw the 1st.) There was something wrong with her window so knocked on her door that late morning but she didn't answer because obviously he was in there. Plus I saw him leave by luck and she just happens to respond to my text the minute he leaves. I am 100% they didn't have sex or anything but inviting him to stay is still kinda weird. Any idea?


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  • She's playing her options, and I wouldn't be so sure they weren't rubbing uglies.


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  • She is clearly leading you on.


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