Girls, Are you more willing to have sex with a man you love compared to a one night stand?

I feel like I have always had to wait a long time for sex while in a relationship, even though, my now ex girlfriend, has had plenty of one night stands. It seems like men who want relationships don't get to have sex, so they are pereceived as less attractive but men who are just flings are more attractive.


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  • Totally honest truth:

    Sex with a man you love is always significantly better than with a man you don't love. However, there is some truth to what you're saying. Despite what our culture tries to portray, women crave sex and intimacy a lot as well. Due to the fact that men tend to think of women as "sluts/whores" and won't take her seriously for a relationship if she has sex too fast, she MAY choose to give it up quicker for the guys she doesn't want a relationship with. She figures she's not losing out on anything.

    This is tough for guys to understand because we don't judge you regardless. We still take you just as seriously for a relationship regardless of how quickly we have sex. Because men tend to view us differently, we treat it differently based on how much we like the guy or how much of relationship material we see him.

    Sometimes it does have to do with immediate attraction. A lot of women get into relationships with men whom they weren't initially attracted to, but they were good guys, and attraction developed. The ONS often happen with guys who spark that intense sexual attraction very quickly.

    • and the man who you weren't strongly attracted to ends up very hurt.

    • I'm not really like most women in that way. I never date guys who I'm not attracted to just because it seems like he'd be willing to commit the way I want. If I'm not feeling chemistry/attraction I don't go there.

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  • No. We want to have sex with someone we care for. But a lot of times we make a mistake and have a one night stand. And when we finally meet someone we like, we don't want to make those mistakes again. Would you really wanna be like all the other guys she hooked up with anyways? #WaitingForTheWin

    • Yes, because at least those men get satisfied. In this case, all I never got my happy ending.

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    • Hahahahaha go masturbate

    • It has nothing to do with that because I have already fucked another woman. It has more to do with my damn bitterness.

  • Some flings develop into relationships. It ultimately depends on where both people are at. This situation could go both ways.

  • Yes I am ~!


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