Should every man initiate during the beginning stages of dating?

Met guy online. We've been on two dates. He asked me out on a third date earlier this week, but I ended up not going.

Today we spoke on the phone and he said "when am I gonna see you again? I really enjoy getting to know you. I'd like to hear from you more."

Shouldn't guys be doing all of the initiating in the beginning stages of dating? Or does every man work differently? I'm only asking because I usually expect the man to initiate everything until the relationship reaches a more solid stage.

What do you guys think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • There is nothing wrong with thinking a man should initiate. The problem is that this way of thinking increases you chances of staying single.

    I can only judge on what you've written. It seems he was already initiating. Don't know what the reason was for you not to come but did you tell him why you couldn't come. Or did you tell him you want to date but just not that day.

    Realize that us men have been going through the same thing many times in our lives without knowing why the woman didn't come. We're just left being very confused and not knowing what to do. Every time this happens we become more and more hesitant to ask women out in general.

    Personally when woman does that I rather put my energy on a woman that wants to date than a woman I really don't know what's up with her.

    I'd suggest to let him know you want another date. Don't hint it. Use actual words.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're old-fashioned, so am I. But he might not be, so just bring up the subject, and ask how he feels about it.

    • I'm old fashioned too sweetheart. No where in any book or anywhere does it say a man need to be the only one showing interest. Shit or get off the pot

    • @TampaBuc86 Is there any need for the condescension?

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What Guys Said 3

  • alright. if you aren't going to show interest in me, what makes you think i should keep pursuing you?

  • I wish more women would initiate. I never know which women are seriously interested or are just being nice. If a woman were to initiate that would be a nice change of pace and it would imply that a girl actually liked me enough

  • It's fair enough for him to ask when he's going to see you again given that you stood him up on the date he had arranged.


What Girls Said 2

  • that IS him initiating.

  • no. i think whoever is comfortable should do it. lest any ones personality be artificially swept under the proverbial rug.


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