Do you have any kind of advice for inexperienced person in dating?

Hello there, I'm planning on asking out a girl in my class. As for being 23 years old, and never went on a date before I do not know what I should do and what I shouldn't do.

What advices could you give for someone that goes for the first time to a date?
That being said if she does not reject me.

All kind of advices will be appreciated, thank you.


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  • Be yourself, dress up a little, do something unique. Don't just be cliché and take her out for dinner and then a movie, do something different surprise her. Don't hype yourself up about the date too much, then you'll be nervous. Good luck! -xx

    • Thank you for your reply.

      I'm planning to meet her on a rooftop, in order to have a drink which also offers a great view.
      I'm already scared as hell, since I've never dated someone in the past. I'm so nervous before even asking her out lol.

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    • Thank you. :)

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I didn't start going on dates until my early twenties as well... it's normal.

    Couple things I always aim to achieve on a first date are...

    -tell at least one or two good stories... don't be afraid to embellish/exaggerated a little in the details provided you keep it more or less honest and your own roles humble. Also, don't be afraid to prep before hand if your not a natural born storyteller- like giving a speech, sometimes it's best not to wing it.

    -make her laugh as much as possible... if your stories don't make her laugh than you failed at your first objective.

    -brake the physical barrier... gauge this not just on your comfort zone but also on how she's acting.

    If she's highly flirtatious and you can tell she's into you, don't be afraid to throw yourself out there. Just, don't just dive into a kiss at the end of the date if you haven't progressed to that point by doing things like brushing her hair back, holding her hips, or placing your hand on her thigh.

    Alternatively, if she's shy, use it. It makes the subtleties in physical contact all that much more potent such as brushing against her leg or placing your hand on the small of her back. Shy girls will be aware of the smallest of contact points so don't come off to strong otherwise you'll come off as invasive and run her off.

    -teach her something... show her that you have talents, confidence, and the intelligence/patients to instruct others. Show her you can be a leader. But be careful with this one that you don't come off as overbearing and cocky.

    -have fun and be playful -- obviously.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      That's quite an informative response that you gave me, I'll try to follow what you've said there. As being shy, and anxious I keep thinking on how it is going to be that date and eventually become nervous.
      That's the most difficult part, since I hope that I wouldn't feel the same during the date which can ruin everything.

      Also, to be honest I do not have much confidence which is a major turn off for girls I assume.

    • Screw confidence. It's overrated. Aim for courage.

    • I'll do my best to show some courage, and it starts by asking her out.

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  • If you agree with any picture in this and go to yourself and say "I do that :O" cut that shit out immediately

    • Well, I do not agree much.

    • Just dont be anything in that subreddit and you're golden, and a plus is just be chill, funny and laid back

    • Thank you for your answer.

      Well, hoping that I can be this person.

  • Compliment,
    Fucking Listen!

    • Thank you for your answer.

      I'll try to follow your advice as long as I will not sound awkward. The "Listen" part is the one i'm most afraid of, since she might be shy and may not have a solid conversation unfortunately.

    • Fucking Listen!

    • @InquisitiveMale Sure.

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