Was she flirting or am I hallucinating?

There is this girl in my class, she's always looking at me and she looks away when I see her. She smiles at me a lot and she always gets nervous when I come around, she stutters and blushes. Anyway, the other day was raining and she walked in the classroom with her sleeve kinda wet. So she looked at me and said "oh I got wet" and she smiled and bitted her lower lip. She looked up at me again and she raised her brow with a smile on her face. Was she flirting?


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  • not only flirting but she also has some interesting thoughts about you 😉

    • I don't get it? Which thoughts? Geez I hate lot been able to clearly tell this things.

    • Mmm... Well let's take "wet" and biting lip into another scenario what u think?

    • Ok I think I get your point now. 😊

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  • You're missing all the signals, she is definitely flirting with you.


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  • She was flirting


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