Everyone says I'm pretty (adults) but all my friends say I'm ugly. All my other friends have been asked out! Why haven't I?

? Any advice?


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  • By adults, do you mean like parents, aunts and grandparents? Like it doesn't really count. They Do mean it, but it's like their job to do so, you'll always be beautiful to them.

    And by friends, do you mean other girls? Don't mind them! They see you as competition, of course they wanna bring you down. Girls are mean at those ages.

    I know I didn't answer your question, so you better just put a photo on How do I look section.
    Good luck and don't mind whoever says you're not pretty. That's not how you should be defined.

    • No like my mothers friends, fathers friends. I do mean other girls.

    • It also falls in the category, they want to be nice towards your parents. You don't meet a friend's son and say they're ugly! It's just politeness.
      I'm sorry but I have to ask: how old are you?

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  • Your friends are being complete assholes. Instead of giving you advice on how to better yourself, they call you ugly. Are you overweight? If yes, then try to lose weight by exercising and eating healthy.
    Does your skin have minor issues? If yes, then try to get rid of them applying various products.
    Does your current haircut/hairstyle not suit your face? Change it.
    There are plenty youtube tutorials you can check online.

    • I am skinny. I work out everyday.

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  • It's entirely possible that you're just really shy and no one knows you well enough to ask you out. At least, that's what I'm getting from the fact you asked if you were pretty but refused to show a picture of your face. How are we to tell you if you're pretty if we don't know what you look like?
    Also, get new friends.

  • Looks like you need some new friends, they sound like assholes. You don't need to be pretty to be asked out. If you truly do have a bad appearance, you can compensate for it with a really good personality.

  • Where are the pics?

    • Uh-uh, no thanks PEDO.

    • Well asking for pics to see if you are actually pretty so we can give you advice make someone a pedo. Good luck with your help.

  • Older relatives don't count.

    Your friends may or may not count either.

    Other adults, well... they're unreliable. Also old people have lower standards, it's the reality. Everyone around them is wrinkled and typically fat, so if you're young with fresh skin and in shape, hey you're a 7 at least!

    If you want to know, post a pic, and read the range of responses, don't just pick out the ones that confirm what you think. Expect a few 'you're gorgeous' and a few 'you're ugly' no matter what, sift through those for more honest opinions.


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  • That's mean of your friends to say you are ugly! Ask your mother or trusted female relative if they can get you a makeover. You may have the wrong style going or a mean resting face and don't know it.

  • Maybe your so pretty guys run away. They might think your taken thats what happen to me way to often! I think he taken so i never approach!


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