Girls, how to ask a girl out I had a date with her before?

She rejects me because i was needy: i told her i missed her and she said, did notlike that behaviour and no more date for me... how to get another date? any tips?


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  • By not being pushy maybe?

    • like if i do not write to her for several days? am i right?

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    • like just chatting with her for a month or write her after a month?

    • Chat with her. If you just wait and randomly message her again it's going to be confusing and she would probably have moved on by then.

  • You can't. You are coming across as pushy and desperate. She will not give you another chance. Give up and try with another girl. Don't repeat the same mistakes.

    • If i do not message her for several days. will she go out with me? she said if i was not needy she would go out with me.

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    • How the hell am I supposed to know?

    • well, thanks anyway.

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