What to do about my needy gf?

At beggining she was so obsessed with my ex's... she was constantly harrasing me about them, which where howmany have u had? names and so on... so i gave her my fb user info... after that we werent seeing eachother enough, ok changed that as well. when we have sex im the best guy in the universe after that when i go home im the worst guy automatically. all she asked from me was given to her... and the latest one was i am not romantic enough and i can't make her "wet" down there... she says its my fault that she isn't wet... i dont know what to do with her anymore (and yes its a long distance relationship) 300km apart from eachother, i have the feeling that this is coming to an end... doesn't matter howmany changes i make she hasn't done a single change in her attitude


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  • um... leave her! Dude... come on now you can do better!


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