Why are my so called family and friends so lazy?

they never want to hang out or do something fun and are pretty anti social... its extremely depressive and i live in a small town so making friends is a but hard, i just want more active people around me. Im 23 and all of my friendships seems to have watered , i m the only one who puts effort into meeting up... im really angry, and my younger sister is also a bitch and never wants to hang out, she always has an attitude, which is hard to handle. My mothe ris lazy and my older sister is depressed and entitled.


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  • If you're 23 why not get out and start living somewhere else? Or maybe even get a job if you don't have one and make friends there?


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  • Well I live in a small town too but there is a park near my school and me and my friends just hang out in there. But if you need a friend then you can message me.


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