Girls, How do you act when you are Friendly VS Flirty when you meet a guy?


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  • Talk nice and smile is friendly. Staring at someone and playing with them they like you. Trying to hug you without you knowing that they were in the back of you, they like you. Being helpful and there is space between you two, they are being friends. Seen you with another person and he or she getting quite, jealous, ignoring, or mad at you, they like you.

    • Thanks :)) Why would you be helpful to a guy, but not talk a lot to him?

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    • If shy was shy no.

    • She*

  • Mine kinda mix, but generally friendly = i tell too much about my personal life and i talk about embarrassing stuff. I generally seem really funny. Flirty = I talk a lot about random stuff, & I just make Awk puns to hit on em. I laugh a little too much And overall just seen really awkward.

    • Thanks :)) What does it mean if you giggle/ laugh nervously when you catch a random guy's eye-contact?

    • Either it's just plain awkward or I like him

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