How can I ask her out again?



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Re-asking her out, or at least learning if she's interested?


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I have a friend and coworker named Nancy. She's super energetic and adorable, if at times anxious or flustered. Earlier this year, I asked her out and she said she had to think on it. She sent the following message a couple days later:

First off, I want to apologize for being super awkward during our conversation on Friday & for rudely failing to say anything about it until now. Unfortunately, extreme social awkwardness is my natural state of being, but that isn’t much of an excuse! I dream of one day overcoming those tendencies…

Anyway, I took a couple of days to try to figure out what I wanted to tell you, & I’m still not really sure, but you deserve better than me hemming & hawing ad infinitum. This is the best I’ve got for now: I’m not really interested in going on dates with anybody at the moment, but I think you are awesome & I enjoy hanging out with you, so I hope we can continue doing that. I look forward to coming to your party tomorrow.


She showed up at the party and things were not awkward. We continued as friends and a week later we hung out away from a group for first time. She took a great summer job out of state but moved back a couple months ago. It's nice having her around more.

My question is the whole "go on dates right now". I've heard through the grapevine that her anxiety has been a factor in not dating. Is there a way to lightly ask again or seek a more definitive answer about if it's me or dating in general? I'm unsure how she feels about me. I have had recent hints she enjoys being close to me but I don't know.


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  • Ask her on a casual group hangout if you're scared


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