Honest opinions please!! Why did my ex throw pens and paper at me for no reason?

Last year in October i was dating my crush for about a week i know it sounds stupid and how could this be a relationship but we both liked each other a lot and it was obvious we did so everything was going fine and i didn't really know he was a private guy sort of type so i told a few of my close friends and in a matter of a day a lot of people knew and he wasn't very happy about it i said sorry and we forgot about it. i wasn't at school for a few days due to personal reasons and it must of been on a Thursday my ex messaged me saying apparently im going out with someone else when i wasn't at this point i was really confused and he just dumped me without an explanation just left confused hurt and broken? The main reason i wanted to ask this question was because when i see him i hurt what he did to me and that he could believe this rumour. After we broke up 2 weeks later he had a girlfriend and he was doing the same to them as to me. if you'd like to know we are 14. I asked my friend who is good friends with my ex why he said that i was going out wth someone else was apparently he was jealous and thought i was flirting with another guy when i wasn't. its weird because when we were going out he wouldn't speak to me in person yet online he would. Ex bofriend is acting weird like the other day i was sat next to my guy friend and my ex started throwing stuff and me to annoy or flirt and he would try to make it look like it wasn't him but it was and he smiled at me and put his thumb up at me but i gave him the middle finger and he looked pissed off. out of class he was straight in frontof me and i said "rude"and he said said "youre rude you fucking asshole."


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  • Nothing more than an immature little boy not ready for a relationship. Just forget about it and him.


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  • Sounds very childish and immature... Just move on...

    • I know but I just want to know why he's acting like this? I was sitting next to my guy friend and he kept throwing things at me and trying to cover up he didn't do it but I knew it was him and he smiled at me and put his thumb up but I gave him the middle finger?

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