I have a feeling he likes me but I can't be so sure, anybody help?

I like this guy and I have a small feeling he does too since he inboxed me first online. Though in person he doesn't really talk to me or he doesn't talk to anyone in general just his friends I guess, I think his shy. We have talked a couple times in person but it was just an exchange of a couple of words and shy smiles. We used to talk a lot online but not as much anymore. So I don't know anymore if his still interests, though recently I inboxed him first and he seem to keep the conversation going when the conversation seem to be going no where. He was playing video games and I told him I'll leave him alone but he said no it was okay he had time. But then again we haven't talked since. So anyone have idea what's goin on? Can anyone relate?


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  • I wouldn't say he likes you because there's not enough evidence suggesting he does but he does enjoy talking to you because he wanted to stay even though you gave him a way to leave the conversation.

    • Um I don't know if this would help but I was going to take a big test early that morning and he inboxed me wishing me good luck. He has bought me chocolates since I bought him a donut XD. But when in person he is quiet and shy and never makes eye contact. Though I did catch him once starring and then he looked away quickly.

    • You could just ask him?

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah he might be shy. Maybe to find out you can suggest hanging out together some time?


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