Girls, would you date a guy with autism?

never dated before i'm thinking about giving it a try does anyone have any tips?


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  • I kinda dated a guy with Asperger which is very similar to autism but both of them changes in every person affected to one of them. The first thing you have to do is studying. You have to study a lot so you can avoid some things that could hurt that person. Then you have to be very patient because, in my experience, he had a lot of mood swings and he suddenly turned from sweet things to "I have a moment bye" or moments when he was extremely rude. At the end he decided to split up because he basically was always mad at me for some reasons (I have to say he had a lot of other personal problems). What I'm trying to tell you is: don't underrate the problem nor the importance of your final choice because they're umpredictable people most of the times and with a lot of problems that maybe you're not ready to handle. If you want to know more you can message me whenever you want to and I'll be happy to help you


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  • Honestly it depends on the level of autism.


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