Is he pulling away from me in new relationship?

So I've been dating this guy for two months now and things had been going great. I will admit that about three weeks ago due to work for him and a big test things slowed down a bit. We only saw each other once a week and texting changed from everyday to every other day and I began to initiate more of the conversations. I saw him a week ago though and it was strange. He seemed distant and not as affectionate. He finally opened up a bit but definitely felt off. We both went home for Thanksgiving break ( which is why I haven't seen him in a week) and for the past four days the only communication I've gotten from him is "happy thanksgiving" on the actual holiday. I responded and no response from him that day or in the two days after. This is just very frustrating - not sure whether to count my loses, give him space , or communicate to him that this is frustrating to me. Thoughts?


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  • It sounds like he is pulling back. You should probably talk to him and see what's up.


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