Did he ever like me?

I started dating this guy in may. We never really put any labels on it but i was his first for everything (even his first kiss). I had been in relationships before but never had actual sex until him. Over the course of the semester he started getting super busy with school (hes in a very tough program) and telling me he couldnt hang as much.. Which i did respect. I dont text him anymore and he never texts me.. But i feel so used because i thought he liked me and that being his first meant something.. Did he ever even care about me..
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What Guys Said 1

  • hmmmmm I dont know, Sounds like he did... but did you learn your lesson about giving it up?

    • Thing is.. I was ready to lose my virginity. Have been for a long time. Im not that young so i figured losing it to the only guy i dated that i found attractive seemed like the best bet.

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    • Yea. I told him i wanted to keep in touch.. he's coming back in two years so maybe then.. Our last text convo was pretty civil. I know its not fair to ask to see him before he goes. But i really want to..

    • just ask him, whats the worst he could say? no?

What Girls Said 1

  • I feel like I don't know enough to tell u if he actually liked u or not, but things could have just gotten so tough and busy he just didn't have time anymore, but he should have said somthing to u abd u guys should have talked about it and stuff ( maybe u did but U didn't mention it up there) but I hope he wasn't using u bc that's such a low and shallow thing to do

    • Last time we hung out in person we spent hours talking about ending things.. a lot of making out later it seemed like we were good. But when he left i told him i couldnt do it anymore because i was deep down angry he was leaving. He said we should be friends/keep in touch.. But i haven't heard from him at all since... My question is was he just saying that to be nice to me/not be a dick. wouldn't he at least want to have sex again or something? Im so confused

    • Guys r confusing, people say girls r so confusing but guys r too. I mean u will honestly never truly know unless u flat out asked him, all of us can give u our opinions on if he liked u or not or if he's just tryn b nice about stuff but none of us will really know. I mean u know more about him than we do, no matter how much information u tell us, u know him better. So ur judgment on these questions are probably better than anyone's here. If he really did wanna keep in touch and b friends he would have, u can always try texting him and starting a conversation. Bc if he doesn't answers and ignores u then he was probably just tryn b nice by saying it but if he wanted to b friends he would start talking to u again

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