Why does this bother me?

So my boyfriend and I have been together almost a year and I just met his family over Thanksgiving. They we're great and I really liked all of them. The dinner was at his dad's house. And his dad has tons of photos all over. Well one photo is this huge family portrait of all his siblings and significant others and of course his parents. Well, it has my guy's ex in it almost front and center. And though I know he had his life before me and that's the mother of his son, it made me feel weird. I don't know why. My boyfriend saw me looking at it and grabbed me and kissed me... he has told me that in less than a year together I have made him happier than she did in 8 years. But that photo so huge in your face, makes me a bit uncomfortable... is this bad of me or selfish?


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  • I don't think you should pay it no mind. Being together that long for 8 years is a long time together. So I'm sure your boyfriend family have pictures of them. If your boyfriend kept the phot of his ex at his place then, I can see why you would be bothered.
    My first love mom still have a picture of us hanging up so it just the memories that older people like to keep.

    • Very true... he does have a few pic of his ex at his house, but none of them together. I think he has just a few up of her for their young son's sake.

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    • Thank you for MHO!

      Good luck on your relationship.

    • No problem! Thanks for the input! 😊

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  • It's not selfish of you. It's human. However, you have to admit that he reacted in a really appropriate way. I mentally shake his hand for the way he handled it.


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  • It's basically normal of you to feel uncomfortable about that, if you're together for almost a year then I'm pretty sure that he got over her long ago.


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