Does she still want to be in a relationship?

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend decided that itd be better if we were just friends. Her university course involves 6 months of work placement meaning that next year she'll be working from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. She said that the reason why she wants to split up is because she doesn't think she'll have time for a relationship. I reassured her that I dont mind if she doesn't have the time to see me every day and that if we were in a relationship, I'd support her and get her through the difficult days etc. She said that if she was in a relationship, she'd need to put time and commitment into it and with everything that she'll have going on in her life, she doesn't think she'd be able to put 100% into it. I said to her that I'm willing to wait however long it takes for her to have the time for a relationship but she said that she doesn't know when that'll be. She also said that when the time does come, that she'll have time a relationship again then she'd want that to be with me since she still loves me. So we agreed that when she's ready she'll talk to me about it and until then we'll carry on as "close friends". The thing is, over the last 2 weeks, we still spent at least 1-2 hours together (just me and her) which shows that she'd have the time. The other thing is that she came over to my flat several times to watch movies and every occasion, we lied on my bed, cuddled up while watching the movie. In the last week, she also slept at mine on 3 occasions where we slept, cuddled up, holding hands and spooning.
Our flats are next to each other and we have the same friends group and they were saying that we both still act like we're in a relationship together.
Im just not sure what to make of this. I dont think that "close friends" cuddle while watching a movie, or sleep together while doing all the things mentioned above. Im not sure if this is something I should talk to her about or just wait and let itself work out?
Thank you
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  • It could be from many reasons, but let me tell you my opinions;
    It's either that you're in a deep state of friendzone lol, but I'd suggest you to go talk to her about it, I strictly recommend that to you.

  • I think when people aren't 100% into a relationship they will use reasons like this to walk away. I think she wants out of your relationship but the problem is there isn't really enough wrong with it to fully break up with you. Or she is too worried, or feels really guilty about hurting your feelings so she is sorta stuck in this limbo state. She is still spending time with you because she hasn't really met anyone else.


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