Why a relationship with a relative?

have to be a obstacle if you like a guy? I mean a girl likes a guy, then hang out once, and talked about going out again, but that never happened and the girl is assuming the reason the guy backed off and do not want to contact her anymore is because, he thinks having a friendship toward the lady is compromising due to the girl being the guy best friend cousin.

Im talking about grown up adult people here.

I dont see a reason why a person can't separate the relationship with the cousin from the friendship relationship with the girl.

Is it possible?
Let me clarify that the girl is not in love with the cousin. The girl likes a guy and the guy is the best friend of the girls cousin.


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  • well its about perfspective in the usa its weird and illegal in some states... in most of the parts of the world its quite normal to marry your cousin with no side effects.

    • Im not talking about marrying. a cousin. You mis understood i said that the girl likes a guy and this guy iis the best friend of the girls cousin. was it clear?

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    • why would it be a big deal to date your friends cousing? its absolutly okay

    • Is not my friends's cousin, is the other way around, it is my cousin's best friend. Will it apply the same and it be relevant? still

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