Why she behaves so awkwardly in presence of that guy?

I like a girl and she also talks very nice and happily to me...
In the class... she never came and sat with me during the lectures... its always me who used to stand from my seat and go upto her and sit with her... she always talked to me happily and nicely... but the problem is... we meet once a week only on sundays and sometimes we dont talk at all... and sometimes She comes to me during breaks , sits with me and talks to me for about 5 mins and talks normally and happily (when that guy is not present in the class) and then just leaves me and goes out...
I dont chase her around coz i dont wana seem desperate...
So there's this guy who gave her juice in breaks... he was sitting behind her and i went to her and offered handshake and sat with her...
She behaved like totally off with me infront of that guy... she did not smile and only talked only about studies... and then she excused herself and went out...
While going out she said thnx to me... she returned after 2 mins and sat on her seat... as if she was trying to distance herself from me...
What should i do? please help me...
  • I am in the friendzone... And I should stop talking to her... She likes that guy and she avoided me infront of him.
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  • She likes me and I should keep chasing her.
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  • Other (pls explain)
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  • She likes you in at least in a friend sort of way. If you like her tell her. In my opinion to many people miss out on opportunities because they don't want to seem desperate. If you like her you like her and tell her that. Ask if she would like to go see a movie or something easy. If she likes you she may say yes. If she says no and likes the other guy over you fear not there is still hope. It never hurts to be friends I've missed out on opportunities because I would rather have a lasting friendship than risk it for a relationships because of what that person means to me.

    And you never know. I liked her she didn't like me because she liked a different guy. They fell through and now we have dating happily for a while now so, be patient you never know whats going to happen. And you never will if you don't try.


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