Should a man always initiate the first date?

Met guy online. We've had very lengthy conversations via text and he's expressed interest in wanting to see me. I told him the same.

He texted me all day last Monday asking questions about me. I answered most of them but then I stopped, simply because it was getting late and he just wouldn't stop texting. He definitely got the hint and didn't text me anything until Thanksgiving. He sent me a beautiful Thanksgiving text and I responded back happily.

It is now Sunday and I haven't heard from him, nor do we have a date set. Should I leave him alone until he reaches out and sets something up?


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  • When u stop texting like that... the guy thinks ur not intrested and he feels desperate if always has to initiate contact...
    why dont u text him? and see how he responds...


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  • Oh after the Thanksgving text, like later in the day or the next day, you should've asked what his plans for the weekend are and things like that.

    Don't leave it as is and wait for him to reach out, ask him how his weekend's been/what he's been up to, because otherwise he might think since you stopped texting him before and just politely wished him for Thanksgiving, you're not that interested.

    Guys will usually ask and initiate something, not that they have to (you can do that as well) but you have to show interest.


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  • I'd say reach out to him. Boys don't always have to initiate the date. After all, lesbians manage to date, and there aren't any boys in those relationships.


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