How to stop sexting and get him to commit?

Met a guy around this time last year, and we off and on have sexted each other ( meaning nudes) till now. I really truly like him though, and want to be with him. We met in September for the first time and kissed, and it was great and we had a connection. However, he goes to school 2 hours away so we can't see each other all the time. We're planning on meeting again when he comes back in December. But, i really regret sexting him because I feel as though he doesn't take me seriously anymore and this is just a hookup to him. I have never had sex, and he knows this, and I told him I won't have sex unless I am in a relationship and in love. I really don't want to push him into a relationship, because I want him to want me and not do it just cause I want him. However, when I asked him about a relationship, he said he doesn't really know if he wants one because there is such a big distance between us. I want him to make his own decisions, but at the same time Im afraid if we stop sexting Ill lose him, because most of our conversations consist of that. What do I do? What is your opinion?


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  • doesn't sound like you're going to get a real relationship out of this situation. I suggest you stop sexting and see if you can have normal conversations. if you can't have conversations with him without sexting it just shows the entire relationship here is based on lust and sex and you'll know you need to find someone else.

  • I think the first person who answered "xobrowneyedbeauty" answered correctly. I am in the same situation and I am going to do the same thing as she advised.


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