Guys: would you like a girl even if she was fat?

I'm a chubby girl; I'm 5'2 and way around 165 pounds (I usually wear loose clothes so you can't really see it) I use to be slimmer but lately I've been so stressed and ate a bunch of junk food this semester.
I have a lot of guy friends (and some are drop dead, gorgeous) and I wanted to know that if you found a girl with a really cool personality would you still like her if she were overweight?
I'm funny, love to crack jokes, smart, witty, I know how to do a lot of talented things, and I'm really bubbly and friendly and always like to laugh- my only down fall in my weight. I struggle with it and it kills me every time. :(


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  • It depends on how fat she is

    • What is too fat? And what is fine fat?

    • A little chubby is fine but if she has trouble tying her shoe then she ain't my type

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