I like this guy in my English class that I just recently started talking to, should I text him?

So I'm a freshman in college and there's this guy in my English class that I've been crushing on since the beginning of the semester, back in August. My guy friend who you use to be good friends with him gave me the English guy's number because he said he would go for me. I initiated contact with him and then we texted non-stop for 2 days, but then stopped Friday night. I was waiting for him to text me yesterday but he didn't. I really don't want class to be awkward tomorrow so I'm thinking about texting him.. And I'm wondering if he's maybe waiting for me to text him? What do you guys think? Anything is helpful! Thank you :)
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  • Yes, text him. He probably didn't text you because he was playing cool, or just busy with your holiday weekend.


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