Why do people do this to me?

Whenever i walk down the street, some guys and even women, shout ''somali'' at me (im not even somali). Im east African for sure, im tall etc. But i think its rude and i never know what to say when people do that... i get pissed usually, i mean whats the point? especially the men do it most of the time and then they laugh... like wtf\\
This is me



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  • I don't know, but they clearly should be calling you lollipop head instead of Somali.

    • hahahahahah thats mean thoooooo whatsup with you

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    • hater... like to see ur face

    • LOL
      Honesty now is a synonym for hater? Right.

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  • Out of curiosity, how tall are you?

    • 5'8 why

    • I'm always curious how tall people are. I don't even know why.

      by the way, maybe the guys shouting "somali" are flirting with you?

  • That's strange. It makes no sense... why would they think you're from Somalia?


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