Will he expect sex?

We are both 26. Interracial. LDR. online dating. We are both shy.

We met on a dating site. I messaged him and flew to his city for a week for work. We had 2 amazing "dates". The chemistry was unreal. We did not kiss, but I did initiate a hug at the end. Then on my last day, I asked via (text) if he wanted to keep in touch and he said yes but he's 'bad at that'. It's been 3 months since our first date. and we have had 14 Skype sessions 20 - 1hr each time (they have been getting longer lately). I always set them up and he always ends them. We rarely text in between sessions, if we do I usually text first. He did just get out of a 3 yr relationship about 6 months ago, she is 4 years younger and i think she ended it.
For the most part I think he likes me but he never shows any initiative. When I returned from my trip I didn't text him for a week to see if he would text and he didn't. But when I text him he responded instantly and we started to Skype frequently.
I'm just really confused and I asked him if he liked me via text and said I was "pretty cool. Wait are you asking romantically" and then he said he "enjoys skyping with me but he wouldn't want to be in a LDR". He said he tried a LDR 2x before but it was only temporary bc there was no end date. Then he asked if i was moving to his city. I said I don't know yet.
I am currently trying to make plans to meet again because he said he would visit me next month.
Also I offered to help pay for the ticket, but he said i didn't have to. On our dates i split the checks and always offer to pay half. Should he stay in a hotel when he visits? Why would he visit me if he isn't interested? Will he expect sex?
Update: he will staying at my place. Is it rude to put him on the couch? I'm not planning on sleeping with him.


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  • Expect? well, he shouldn't "Expect" sex, but you can bet that he most definiately would be praying and trying for it.


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  • If you can't talk about the subject openly, and discuss expectations, then a relationship won't work, and you shouldn't be having sex anyway if you can't talk about it.


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