It Was Only A Joke So Why Take So Long?

Me & my ex of 4 years were talking a few days ago & I was playing around when I told her I promise one day in the next 10 years she will be mine again & i'll be her last man. She hates promises so she begged me to take it back. I was enjoying messing with her so I told her if she can tell me 100% that she will never give me a sceond chance I'll take it back & I will never try to get with her again. I expected her to say there's no chance because she ALWAYS tells me she will never date me again. This time for whatever reason she said she will think about it & has yet to answer me even when we talk now.



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  • Why would you lead her on like that if you didn't mean it? She obviously still has some feelings for you, even if it isn't how it used to be. She now probably thinks you meant it when you said you'll be her last man.

  • Now she got you puzzled huh... That's what u get for playing with her like that 😋


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