One day he loves me the next he doesn't he dumps me and blocks me? Don't understand how I can love someone so much to suddenly not?

My boyfriend and I had some trouble with his ex getting in touch and trying to split us up, I had no problem with him being friends with his ex's and I didn't want to get involved nor did I react to them with their cruel comments online. I spoke to my boyfriend and about it and he shut me down instantly he didn't and refused to talk about it he blocked one of them another blocked herself then the one who blocked herself her mother got involved verbally attacking me online of which I ignored again and spoke to my boyfriend about it, I was angry with him for not talking to me I needed to talk about this to move on. In the end which I was wrong in doing so I gave the ultimatum me or the ex's I want every ex blocked. He told me he did, I asked him few days later if he really had blocked everyone he said he had bar one which infuriated me he had lied not the fact he hadn't blocked this one girls from years ago but the fact he lied. Huge argument he rescued to talk to me for days despite me apologising and trying to re build bridges.

During the week he opens upto me abit his family troubles and how one ex and her mother took him in who he called his family he told me he want coping with work and having to be away from home all the time, I listened and supported him I gave him advice he told me he loved me and I told him I loved him which I do!
I asked if we could have a fresh start he said yes, he asked me not long ago about getting a house together in the next 12months so he started texting me about our future and how much he loved me etc...
We made plans to meet last Friday I cancelled plans to make sure I was fee to see him I only get chance to see him at weekends and seeing as thonwe agreed to make a fresh start we wer going to meet up have a good chat and go from there. God I was so excited I'd missed him so much and he had such a horrible week, he told me he was suffering from depression and I understand that and sy


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  • Let it go. You don't need this in your life. It's too exhausting


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