How to tell my mom about my boyfriend?

So, I've been seeing this guy "Alex" for a few months. I've known him since junior high, and he is, without doubt, the most amazing guy I've ever dated. He's really athletic, intelligent, EXTREMELY accomplished (has gotten a poem published, worked for a well-known high tech company, has stellar athletic stats/scores, was valedictorian of his high school class, was admitted into Stanford, etc.). What I also admire about Alex is that he's a very humble person and cares for everyone around him: he volunteers on a regular basis, babysits kids, etc... basically he's more than I could ever wish for in a guy.
Unfortunately, my folks don't allow me to date. A couple of years ago (when I was a high school junior) my father (who is Muslim) found out about my boyfriend "Jason"... as you can imagine all hell broke loose after that. My folks took my phone for several months and grounded me for many weeks.
At one point my dad actually kicked me out of the house because he and I were arguing about Jason.
Eventually they became more calm and even allowed me to attend prom nigh with Jason... at one point in time my mom even said that she wanted to meet Jason's mother (never happened for reasons I will not explain...). My mom also said that she wasn't necessarily against me dating Jason but was upset that I hid it for so long.
My dad, on the other hand, was never open to the idea of me seeing guys because he's Muslim...
How do I tell them about Alex?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You're lucky your father did kill you like that guy that killed both his daughters because they were dating nonmoslems. You must know that it is forbidden for a Moslem woman to marry a non Moslem.

    • Maybe you could get Alex to convert.

    • I'm not Muslim... I'm Roman Catholic. My mother is Christian. My father is the only one in our inner family that is Muslim.

    • In that case I have NO idea. He must at least have a somewhat open mind because I think (I'm not sure) he was supposed to get your mother to convert and to raise the kids as Muslim. Plus you're not dead.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You are older now and he sounds like a great young man. Part of being mature enough to date means being able to let your parents know who you're seeing. I think they might be shocked at first but eventually respect your choice.


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  • if you really like him, tell your family :) nothing wrong. if you believe he really loves you


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  • Alex sounds like a great guy. Tell your mom about him and not your dad. Play down how long you've been together.


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