Do guys intentionally pull away to see how the girl responds?

Just curious... In the beginning of getting to know a girl or dating, will you show your interest and then keep at a distance before coming back around to see how she reacts? I honestly don't chase after anybody or play stupid games so I continue on my own way even when they decide to 'reappear' - Where I wish them well future wise, but I can't figure it out..


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  • I dont play games either, so when I am interested in a girl, I will distance myself to see if she expresses interest, initiates hang outs, or continues to like me. If she doesn't then I take it she isn't interested and move on to find a girl that will. If she is playing games and "ignoring me" to be cool, or to not seem "desperate"(I hate that mentality by the way the whole "I dont want to be desperate" thing is a load of BS), then its her loss cause I know I am a great guy to date, and its too bad for her that she didn't feel like expressing interest in me, cause now she isn't getting me at all.

    • It always seems to be once I reach out and ask to hang out (after the first couple dates) that they distance themselves, so I do make sure to express interest, but after I ask and receive a sooner or later answer, I'm not going to keep trying and he can stay distant

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  • i honestly think they do. i've been told by a guy that when a guy likes a girl he wants to feel like she likes him more than he likes her, and by pulling away it will have her chasing him, which gives him that feeling.
    now obviously this doesn't apply to all, but it makes sense


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  • I've always wondered this too, being that I'm going through a similar situation. Honestly, I don't know if guys think about it to that extent though.


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