Should I date someone at my age I'm 13 I don't know what to do can someone help me also I've been asked b4 and said no and sounded like a jrk help me?

Asked 3 times people kinda not like me tho so can someone help me thanks!


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  • im the same age and I've been asked out before too but i would say something like "we are better off friends"
    personally i think you should only date a girl who you like and if you dont like anyone then just wait until your older thats what i would do


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  • You shouldn't really call it dating. Put it in your mind that you're just getting to know them more than usual. Like say you guys are talking and what not. When you use the word dating at our age, it doesn't really matter to our generation. The only thing that can possibly say you guys are going out is the titles boyfriend and girlfriend. Don't give out a title to early, and if you do you're in big trouble. Hopefully I helped.

  • Date, it probably won't work out, but it's experience, which will help in future relationships.


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