I was seeing this guy for a solid 6 months. It ended and we went our ways and ya-da ya-da. Suddenly, we came back into each other's lives. As friends but still. Well I never lost feelings and I don't know about him. I asked him to be my match for our costumes on Halloween and he said, "I was hoping you would ask" and we ended up winning the couples contest. So I admitted I still liked him and said "we should just be friends. I thought you agreed."

So I let it go. I was just a friend. I acted like a friend, etc. Last night, we were all (5 of us) playing Crabs Adjust Humidity (Crabs Against Humanity knockoff) and our legs were touching and we kept showing each other our cards and giggling. Then later that night we were watching movies in the theater room and he wanted a massage so I did it then we traded and he gave me a shoulder massage. I was so tired I guess I fell asleep leaning back onto him. I woke up a bit later and he was holding me and playing with my hair. We moved to a bigger couch and got comfy we just cuddled and talked. He held me close, played with my hair, rubbed my back, kissed my forehead and cheek a few times. Then we dragged a matress into the room and we layed on that. Again, he pulled me close and I fell asleep on his chest. I woke up and we were spooning (so-to-speak haha) and when he woke up, he turned me to face him and held me close again. What does all this mean? I don't understand. He said we are just friends but then acted like we did when we were a couple. He previously claimed he didn't have feelings for me.


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  • It means that he stills has feelings for you. He iether a chicken to admitt it or who knows. But there's definitely feeling there


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