I get flirty and sexual more than him! (We aren't in a relationship) will that turn him off from wanting to date me?

So we've been talking for awhile, were pretty into each other. I feel like I'm the guy tho, I'm always like sexually flirting (like "oh get naked" kind of thing) and what not and he'll follow it but will never initiate flirting like that. If I keep flirting like that will he think of me less as girlfriend material and more like a slut? Uhg! He's so handsome!
We live in different states so he can't easily hook up with me.


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  • Or he thinking he can get laid and that's all he would ever want. I say stop talking to him for a while and see if he gives a fuck. If he does that means he probably cares for you and probably does feel the same way you feel.

  • He gonna think you are a slut attleast as far as my exp goes


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