Do you think my crush likes mee?

So basically I really like this girl in my class and I have been staring at her a lot and the first week she came she told her friend Hey you know that guy (name) over there why does he always stre at me and act weird when I'm near him and her friend said maybe he likes you and she said no that's not possible I only been here for a week and whenever I go to school I would see her we have eye contact with each other many times but I don't know if that means she likes me cause she looked at me when I was walkin home and I was behind her with a friend and she kept looking back at me and one time I was going home in a car cause my mom picked me up and she looked at me everyone in class teases me that I like her and she can her all this even. When my douchebag friend said that I liked her she didn't say anything and just looked at me with an empty face same thing happened when my other friend was tying her bracelet and the douch bag tells me hey u jealous? She looks at me again with an empty face also for some reason I see her best friend staring at me a lot when my friend said YOU LIKE (my name)? Her face turned red and he said No! lol I swear the class is harassing us anyways she told her friend that it's weird when I stare at her and she said ewww when her friend said maybe cause I like her is she pretending to hate me?
Also one time she dropped a glue stick under my desk and asked for it back and i picked it up and returned it but I noticed she was trying not to look at me. And when we passed eachother in the hall she was trying not to look at me also i was in a line behind her and she just went behind me. Sorry grammar sucks English is not my first language


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  • Usually by your age girls won't pretend to be grossed out by you if they like you. You should definitely talk to her.


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