What should I text a guy who has yet to confirm which day our date is?

Been on 2 dates with a guy and our third date is coming up. He wants to do dinner on tues or wed. I should've told him to confirm which day right then and there, but I didn't.

What can I text him to get him to confirm a specific day? (I'm asking because a different guy wants to meet me this week, and I wanna tell him when I'm available).


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  • Just tell him your preferable day.


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  • Because you put that last part in parenthesis... well it is odd at best. Anyways though, third date... Middle of the week... the guy didn't give you a definite night? I don't know all of the specifics but I don't like the smell of it. Third dates are almost always on the weekend UNLESS you had an awesome second date on the weekend and he can't wait to see you again.

    If I were you this is how I would approach it, dude #1 didn't luck down Tues or Wed so either night is still up for grabs with the new guy so go with the flow. If the first guy ends up not completely flaking and texts you Tuesday to try and make plans for later that evening I's be like tanks but I have plans tonight (if it's true) does tomorrow work? If he says no but doesn't counter with another night than bollocks to him and move on. You're only a filler.

    You have no obligation to guy one because he said maybe kind of let's talk about it next week if I don't have better plans doing something. If he wants your attention he'll be like yeah Wednesday let's do something then text you with plans on what to do the day or morning before. And usually with just something nice like hope you're having a good day in between.


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  • "Hey bae when are we going to dinner?"

    Don't wait too long on his response, give him a few hours to a day. You are still single and have the right to make and adjust plans as necessary.

  • Don't text him first. If he cares enough, let him make the first move.


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