Do we unintentionally play games with the person we're dating?

i dont like games and dont voluntarily want to play them. But sometimes we just end up playing them cause if we spoke whatever was on our mind at that moment and we're an open book to the person we're dating, they would think we're crazy and run from us, don't you agree?

sometimes with the guy im dating, i have to let him chase me or show more interest or be more dirty joke about sex in order to get him interested in me, and then other times when i am needy or text him and want his attention, he gets annoyed by me and calls me crazy and ignores me. i dont know how to act or be with him. do i want to continue seeing him? yea. but i need more committment and emotional attachment. i need him to chase me more like he used to. do i stop contacting him? let him come to me?


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  • Sometimes we do it subconsciously.


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