Should we try a long distance relationship?

I recently made a big career change and so far it hasn't paid off. Money is a little tight and so I applied for another position about 3 hours away via car + ferry from my current city. After I applied, I met this guy and he is fantastic! Totally smitten by him. We have been on 5 dates over 3 weeks and although I feel maybe it's moving a little slow, we still have fun when we are together and talk via text every single day. Well, as luck would have it, I got the job I applied for and because of my financial situation I have to take it -- and the start date is ASAP.

Realistically, we could see each other every weekend since I'm not really that far away. It's also only for 5 months. I realise the dating/relationship is new and of course we would miss out of the little day-to-day type things... but I just don't feel like I want to give up on this because of a little distance. He understands why I need to go and said he likes me and would like to see where things go, but at the same time he doesn't know if he can commit until we are in the same town.

So my question is -- am I asking too much of him, or could our relationship work over this short-term stint of me being gone?


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  • Don't make it official yet
    Move to the new place and see how things go through for say maybe a month and then discuss long distance


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  • Hey, if he's willing to and the job is only 5 months, then yeah, make it work :)


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  • If you plan on meeting him!


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