I don't like this girl I have been seeings best friend, really I only like one of her friends. How can I deal with this if I want to be with her?

Okay so this girl is amazing but the 3 female friends she has, we'll we just don't match up well we are very different people and I can't see us getting along all that well. They are very annoying to me and they hate me. She also has quite a few guy friends who are constantly trying to get with her when I am with her they will send snaps and she will ignore them and pretend not to be interested but if she truly wasn't why have them as friends on Snapchat? Out of all of her friends there is one that I like, we actually hang out without her sometimes. When she is with any friend but this one I get a little upset to be honest. I don't know why. My question is how can I move forward with her given my situation?


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  • This is a hard situation.


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