Should I be more with my guy friends older brother?

i have this thing for my kinda friend's (guy) older brother and he asked me out but i thought he was joking but i really wish he would tell me if it was a joke or not since i didn't respond but kinda smiled in a way where it didn't seem rude. He walked me to class and his always around me and where im at and his kinda protective but has the most amazingest smile and protective personality. should i do more? because everyone always jokes about me and my friend dating and his brother doesn't really say anything so idk?

p. s at one stage apparently my friend liked me and thats kinda how i got to know his brother but i like the brother more


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  • Ill just say that by your description it looks like you like him "wink wink",
    If he's around you all the time protective and overall nice to you and near you in my opinion it means he likes you and as I said you seem to be liking him too and he even asked you out one time which I don't think was a joke by your description so in my opinion you should hang out with him because you seem like a great couple,
    so what that he's older than you? Who said that relationships mean that the personalities need to be same aged?
    So overall I think you should ask him out and if it goes really well you should have a relationships.
    About his younger brother than once liked you I think that it will be hard for him to accept and he may be mad about it and he will calm down with time but you need him to know that you follow your heart and you like him more and because of that you will be with him.
    To summ everything up I think you should date the older brother and explain the younger one that it is not his fault and maybe in the future you will be together just to make him feel better.

    • thankyou but now since i wrote this the older brother doesn't like talk to me anymore when his brothers around but its getting better. he wanted to know if we could hang out but his friend zoned me by miles ): @gabiibi222

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