Why are most white girls only willing to date and have sex with us Black guys but nothing more serious?

  • To appease their WHITE GUILT
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  • For the amazing sex
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  • Because they see us as fun but not financially viable
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  • Because the Kardashian
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Racism, probably. I don't mean like "all white people are horrible racists, ahhh!" or that they secretly dislike you or anything stupid like that. There are just a lot of factors at work on the issue. Like,
    1. Media. You don't see a lot of black/white (or mixed race of any kind) couples in the media. It happens, but not a lot, and mostly the couples you do see are not happily married or in a serious, committed long-term relationship. Because they may not see it happening around them or on tv, a white woman may not have considered a serious relationship with a black man before.
    2. Society. Some people are dicks and racism does still exist, so if she dates outside of her race, she might run into disapproval and general rudeness from people in society. (That's a stupid reason not to get serious, because let's face it, society is guaranteed to disapprove of them for something anyways. Society disapproves of everyone.)
    3. Family. Even if a white woman has no racial biases, it's almost guaranteed she has grandparents or great-uncles or something who grew up in the 60's, and yeah, that was not a good time for equality.
    So, most white girls (and people in general) don't usually think about dating seriously outside of their race. And when they do, they could be a little daunted by society or even their own family, and just decide it's more convenient to stick to serious relationships within their own race.

    Not every girl will care about that stuff though. I wish you good luck!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Most likely because they think their family will disapprove.

    Also, I used to think I would marry a blonde white girl, cause I wanted my kids to look like me... I know it sounds bad, but this could be an insight into why they won't get serious with you... they want white babies...

    That being said, I will be marrying my mixed girlfriend sometime soon. I got over that whole white baby thing, haha!


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What Girls Said 5

  • That must be in your personal experience. It could be be for many reasons including stereotypes. But I can't assume why plenty of white women do that.

    Just know that there are plenty of white women who want some hot chocolate.

  • the Kardashians LOOOLLL 😂 😂 😂 😂
    that cracked me up 😂

  • I always thought it was the other way around - black dudes wanna sleep with white chicks, but not settle for just one. I always see single women with cart fulls of cute little brown babies but no cute brown guy by her side at Wal Mart, anyway.

  • The thing in my case with black men is that they are either A) The man is a "thug" and wants a woman who will stand behind him when he is going through with drug deals and possible jail time (expecting the woman to wait around for him to stop being a fuck boy). Or B) The man is looking for a 'sugah momma'.
    The last thing any woman with a head on her shoulders wants is a man who thinks it is acceptable to deal drugs while putting her at risk OR having a man who wants her to financially support his ass. I know a lot of black men. I would not sleep with them or even consider being with them because every single black man I know fits into one of the two things I listed off.

  • That's only a certain type of white girl, and it's not like that's usually girlfriend material anyway, so why would you care? Just find normal girls who happen to like you, not like you BECAUSE you're black.

    • Seems like there just after big cock and thats it. Im more than a big black cock.

What Guys Said 3

  • I live not to from Yale and I met a cut blonde there she told me it was because white men are all pigs and don't care about anyone but themselves I think that was her opinion. But I do think it's media and porn.

  • What demographic do these girls typically fit into? Kinda fat and poor?

  • Just be glad you have a huge dick that women love. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

    • I'll never have a woman be attracted to my penis.

    • You can't win them all.

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