If a girl and a guy are more than friends... How much they will usually talk?

A girl likes me and i like her too for about 4 month... we both know we like each other until last week she came upto me and we had a talk and exchanged mails and talking ever since.
1. There is this guy in the class who talks to her since beginning of the semester... and she also talks to him nicely.
2. The thing is since i stopped going to class for few weeks... they both got close to each other (as told by my friends).
3. When I started going to class... she again started giving me hints and went out of the class... and that guy followed her... and they both returned after 2-3 mins.(The guy first and the girl later).
4. Next day she did not talk to him at all.
5. Nex week... i was out with my friends in the lunch break... she came upto him.. did handshake and sat with him for about 3-4 mins... talked to him happily and then she left... again they did not talk entire day.
5. Next week I offered her some chocolate and we were sitting in the break... so this guy came and offered handshake with her... she did not smile at him... i left the place.
6. She took out the book... and he explained something to her and then she excused herself... as if she is trying to get rid of that guy... Although... the went back to his own seat and she sat on her seat.
7. At the end of day... she got up from her place and came and sat with me for the whole lecture. (that guy was still in the class)
This guy just came in between both of us... as if to show that she is her girl and i should not make moves on her
... I just want to know... is there something between them... or is he just a friend?
Am i overthinking?
  • I am overthinking. She likes me.
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  • She likes him. They both are having secret affair.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think she likes any of you.

    • I think she likes that guy... coz she follows him in the hallways and gives him eye contact as well...
      and furthermore... she avoided me infront of him... what do u say?

    • oh i mean... she chases me in the hallways and gives me eye contact...
      but if she liked me... why is she initiating things with him?

What Guys Said 1

  • It seems there was something between the two but its over now and if u try u might get her

    • Bro if she was intrested in him i just wana ask...
      1. why she only talked to him just for 5 mins? i mean... if two people like each other they would want to spend more time with each other specially if they are meeting once a week...
      2. She went up from her seat and sat with me for entire lecture and that dude was still in the class...
      isn't it a clear sign to him that she is interested in me?

    • It's the age of the internet
      U don't know if they are texting and stuff
      As for her sitting with u, that is exactly why I said that u have a chance with her. She might be using u to make her guy jealous

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