Should I Skype this guy from Tinder?

I'm not the online dating type at all, but my friends dared me to make a tinder so I signed up about a week ago. I've been talking to this guy I matched with for a few days now and the guy seems really nice and I think he's super attractive. He was in my town for a wedding/vacation the day we matched, but he had to leave the next morning and we never got a chance to meet. (He lives faaaaaar away lol) Not gonna lie, I totally fb stalked him a little bit to get a feeling for his actual personality. Lol He seems really cool, loves his family, has a lot of friends, and has a great sense of humor. He complemented me on my interests and told me that he would love to Skype with me, although I kind of put it off because I wasn't ready. We kept talking and really flirting hard back and forth via chat one night while I was out with my friends. I don't even know how, but things escalated quickly and ended with him sending me sexual pictures of himself, and describing what he wanted to do with me if I were to ever visit him. He seems really sweet and we do talk about a lot of other things... But he keeps asking to Skype, and now I'm worried because I'm not down for cyber with a guy I just started talking to. I feel bad because I've been avoiding chatting with him for a couple of days while I figure out what to do. It's a little awkward now because I've seen him naked but we haven't actually spoken yet. Haha Should I tell him I'll Skype, but just want to get to know him? Or is this clearly a booty call only attempt on his part?
Should I Skype this guy from Tinder?
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