If a guy says this?

I am talking to a guy I like I am worried he may go back to his ex girlfriend. He said he is not and he is. moving on. He is also moving too fast for me. He said to me how. slow I am going his. ex girlfriend probably done moved on and with a another and move to another State... lol is this a bad sign?


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  • It sounds like you are just a rebound to him, unfortunately. These are all bad signs, and you should leave him. Wait for someone more sincerely interested.

  • Question : how long have they been broken up?

    • Over a month? ADVICE PLEASE

    • Sorry love, but you are considered a rebound. I have been one before too, most people do. It's where the guy/girl ends a relationship and finds someone to help them recover from the relationship, someone they use to get back at their ex or someone to help them get over their ex. .. it usually take a few months to get in a relationship with someone else after a break up, so between the last relationship and the new one everyone they've been with at that time meant nothing

    • I don't believe that is always true... but you make a good point. I do think sometimes people get over people by moving on with other things and people. Sometimes some people will always have feelings for an ex 20 or 30 years from now.

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