Guys, I have a crazy friend that could interfere with a guy I like. Would a friend of a girl prevent you from dating her?

My friend is full of drama and obsessed with the kid I likes brother. She ruined a dance we all went to together (the brothers and us two) to the point where the older brother sat in his car half the night. The brothers mom is not happy with her and I think she's leery of me. Anytime I talk to him she's freaking up my but complaining about his brother and he's not stupid, he knows she's talking shit. The other day I was talking to him and she freaking comes out with out seeing him there and yells something about his mom to me. WTF. She goes in side and the other brother comes out so I'm talking to both and of course when she sees him there she comes out and try's to make him jealous and whispers crap to me in front of both of them. Like fuck off he doesn't like you. But anyway would that bother you and prevent you from dating someone? I'm afraid the brother I like will think I'm full of drama too. But I don't want to leave my friend


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  • I would say your friend is fucking nuts, first off. Yes, that can be a major turn off, but that doesn't prevent you from dating someone. If you just talk to him without your crazy friend around, I think you'll be fine.


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