Why is my crush's behavior different in person than online? I don't understand his signals he's sending?

We go to the same college. We don't see each other much in person unless we happen to pass each other or if we arrange to see each other. We have only known each other for a few weeks. But what's weird is that in person, when we hang out or pass each other, I have no doubt he's into me. (I'm the one who introduced myself to him by the way, so I'm not completely sure what he thinks of me besides he thinks I'm attractive). We only use Facebook for outside communication and he doesn't respond to some small talk efforts I make. Like I'll send how was --- this weekend? Or what is your thoughts on ---.. And he will open the message and not respond ever. But then he will randomly ask me to coffee or over to hang out. We don't do anything sexual and it's been strictly just getting to know each other (we have only hung out twice). But then he will like my Facebook status and pictures. Even when he ignores my messages online. He only responds to them like when it's about specifying a day and time and place to meet. Or once every so often he will extend the convo to talk about something else. But it's rare and he never initiates it unless it's to ask to see me.


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  • everybody is different when they are online


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