Does She Not Like Me? She says she is being "unfair"?

So there is this girl I have been dating for about the last 3 months now. I really like her. I have told her previously that I wanted to work on a relationship with her but she told me that she just isn't ready because of some personal things that happened in her life. But she told me she really likes me.

Even though she told me she doesn't want a relationship I can't help but feel like we are in one. We talk every day, we see each other as often as we can and recently we started getting more sexual with each other. The sex for me was really passionate. Last night I came inside her and didn't pull out. I was just so in the moment. She didn't seem to mind and things seemed to be fine when she left. I text her later and apologized and told her that I should have been more responsible and pulled out and that I was embarrassed to tell her... She told me "It already happened. But why are you embarrassed?" So I told her that I really liked her and wanted to let her know how I felt. I never got a response from her.

This morning I text her good morning and she responds with the same. I apologize and tell her sorry for making the conversation awkward. She tells me that I didn't make it awkward. So I asked if she fell asleep, cause I thought I said something stupid to make her not reply and she says. "I just think I'm being unfair". I asked what she means but I have not gotten a response yet.

What does this mean? Does this mean she might not feel the same way about me?


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  • Sounds as if she has realized you are more "into" her than she is with you, for whatever reason. She may really like you but just isn't at the same level as you are right now.


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