Don't understand why men do what they do?

I have been dating this guy for 3 months. We had a miss understanding a couple of days ago. Well last night we got back together. We had a long talk and cleared up everything. We had a great evening, had dinner. I stayed the night. Got up this morining before he did, I have to get to work a lot earlier than he does. I haven't heard from him today. I tried to call and it went to voice mail. I though he was busy so I sent just a short text "busy" well no answer back I know he read it because my phone tell me when he does... Am I reading to much into this could he really be so busy he can't text or call or is he just playing me... any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.


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  • Eh, nothing to do but wait. On the bright side, you aren't spamming him so thats a plus. He'll text back... when though? I don't know.


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  • This sounds like one of those situations where a female is genuinely being too clingy and placing excessive emotional focus onto a guy. Some women get into the habit of making a guy's attention, affection, or response the center of their day and the primary thing that keeps their mood happy. So when they do not get the attention, affection, and response they are hoping for, they freak out, overanalyze, and overreact. When in actual reality, if he's a grown man or even a college student, he may sincerely be very busy and have a lot going on in his day. He may be on the go or have his passion and energy diligently focused on a particular task, duty, or event. Something may be going on that requires his full focus therefore he may not have the time to get on the phone and chat.

    You can't be so quick to assume that you are being played the second a guy doesn't give you his undivided attention.

    • Your so right some times I loose focus and assume the worst... need to just sit back... I really like this guy and think we could have something really good...

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    • ... eh..."love you"? :/ No offense but you two have only been dating for three months and you're not even official yet, correct? Don't you think you may be expecting a bit much?

    • Oh no I was just using that as a figure of speech... not ready for that word yet...

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