Why did he want a picture of me to show his mom?

when we were dating, I think it was the third date he asked me for a pic cuz he wanted to show his mom. Also , he would try to take pics of me with his phone. We weren't even dating that long. So to be asking that on the third date is confusing for me.

What at is your opinion of this?


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  • He wants to show you to his mom.

    Whaaaat, can't men get in a relationship with serious intentions? Must it always start as casual dating, then turn into something serious?

    You women don't know what you want.

    • Lol you misunderstood me. I don't do casual dating so when he was wanting a picture I didn't know it was because it was a sign of serious intentions. I don't really date so I was confused.

      Anyways thank you for your opinion

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  • Maybe he wants his mother's blessings from the start

  • He may want to show his mom his girlfriend and how she looks?


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